CI Code of Ethics

  1. Honesty and Integrity
    1. The CI shall perform their work with honesty, diligence, and responsibility.
    2. The CI shall NOT ACCEPT CASH, gifts, or items of significant value from the clients/subject they are assessing.
  2. Respect and Courtesy
    1. The CI shall treat everyone with whom they come into contact, during the course of their work, with respect, fairness and courtesy.
  3. Objectivity
    1. The CI shall exhibit the highest level of professional objectivity in gathering, evaluating, and communicating information about the activity or process being examined.
    2. The CI shall make a balanced assessment of all the relevant circumstances and will not be unduly influenced by their own interests or by others in forming judgements.
    3. The CI shall disclose all material facts known to them that if not disclosed, may distort the reporting of activities under review.
  4. Confidentiality
    1. The CI shall be prudent in the use and protection of information acquired in the course of their duties. CI shall keep private and confidential any and all exchanges of information, data, reports and other forms of communication made in the course of their work and disclose it only for the purposes for which it is intended. There shall be no unauthorized disclosure of such information to any third parties.
    2. The CI shall not use information for any personal gain or in any manner that would be contrary to the law or detrimental to the legitimate and ethical objectives of the company.
  5. Conflict of Interest
    1. The CI having a personal or conflicting interest in any matter in which they are involved shall disclose that interest, if it is in conflict with the interests of the company.
  6. Competency
    1. The CI shall apply the knowledge, skills, and experience needed in the performance of credit investigation services.
    2. The CI shall continually improve their proficiency and the effectiveness and quality of their services.
  7. General Conduct
    1. The CI shall act in a professional manner. They shall not knowingly be a part to the illegal activity, or engage in acts that are discreditable to the profession of CI, the company and its clients.

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