The Preferred Key Partner in Business, Property and People Information services in the Philippines and across the globe.


Value for People: We enhance our people’s skills to meet the demands of the industry as we continuously foster a competitive environment for our people.

Value for Service: We deliver output that is transparent and objectively researched to give our customers the advantage in risk management.

Value for Excellence: We accept the challenge of the industry where we serve: continuously innovating and leveraging, beating the old generation and developing a new vision for tomorrow.

Value for Community: We care for the general public as we keep in mind the values our companies live for as part of a bigger society.

Emprisa Mission and Vision

Hand over the uncertainties to us.

With trust, integrity, and reliability we've established over the decade, you can count on Emprisa to handle your due diligence information needs, credit investigation, background checks and property services.

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